Only the good die young

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Skirrid Inn

Located in South Wales, it was built in the 12th century. Over the centuries, the inn has been used for many executions by hanging, as well as acting as a courthouse. Hundreds of people have been hung from the beam under the stairs, and the cell they were kept in before their hanging is now a storage room. Many current visitors to the inn have eerie stories to share, and often report finding welts around their neck, feeling their breathing restricted, and a few have sworn they have seen apparitions. among numerous other events. One woman swears she was held underwater by unseen hands while taking a bath in one room. Visitors and workers of the inn admit to the creepiness of the building, even if they don’t believe in ghosts.

Why would u take a BATH in a fucking horror house - that’s how to not funking die by pissed off ghosts 101

People that die 1st in horror movies.

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